Next Hearing was created with a simple purpose.  We provide access to premium hearing aids at the lowest possible prices, while including local and professional care.

Next Hearing connects you to the industry-leading hearing aid brands you know and trust.  Hearing aid technology continues to improve and evolve.  Selecting high level and appropriate hearing technology is the first key component in helping you to achieve the best possible hearing performance.

  • Lowest Prices

If you've been to a traditional hearing aid clinic lately and have been quoted a price on a certain hearing aid, you may be wondering how we are able to offer the same thing for so much less.  What's the catch?  The truth is, there is no catch and the answer is simple.  We have negotiated the lowest possible prices for you, the patient, and then found a hearing care professional in your area who is happy to participate in our network in order to provide you better hearing at a lower price.

  • Local and Professional Care

One of the most important, and often overlooked steps to a successful hearing aid fitting is the personalized care that can really only be provided by a qualified professional who meets with and examines a patient in person.  We realize that in your internet research you may have come across pricing on certain models that is even lower than what is listed on our site.  Some websites will sell the instruments directly to you without the benefit of a local professional.  They will claim that the hearing aids can simply be sized and programmed remotely and sent to you in the mail.  They will also claim that finding a local professional is easy and that if you need hearing aid care or maintenance you will be able to find a professional who will service your hearing aids for a low fee.  None of this is true. 


In order for you to truly maximize the benefit you will receive from your hearing care investment, you should be seen by a real person, someone who will listen to you and your needs and personalize the technology to make your life better.  If you spend any money at all, you want to have something that will really solve the problem at hand, and do what you want it to do.  The qualified hearing professional is a crucial part of achieving that goal.

  • Premium Hearing Aids